Thursday, September 07, 2006

3 years

Three years and a couple of hours --- that is how long I have been blogging at Fester's Place.  I am slightly amazed, although each anniversary amazes me a little less, as this has become part of my routine in my life.  I first started blogging on my own because I was politically frustrated and personally frustrated at my job.  Writing analysis kept my mind engaged and kept me from throwing too many things at the television.  I have evolved as a writer and a thinker, but I think that my core competencies of writing have not wildly leapt out of the boundaries of what I once knew. 
My first post laid out what I thought that I would write about:
So I am rearing to go and rip some of the policies that make no sense to me.
I hope that I will be able to update this page at least once or twice a day for the forseeable future. I have my biases; specifically I do not believe in the efficacy of 'faith-based' policy making although I am currently working with a faith based community service agency. I also believe that international cooperation has a higher tendency to decrease the downside risks of most policies. I am a believer in innovation as the primary economic development tool, and I have little faith in the effectiveness of subsidies to specific businesses instead of businesses in general as an effective tool for growth.

I have moved away from some of the policy analysis work that I thought I would have been doing and doing more political work in the past year or so.  I think that some of my better policy work has been on the Pittsburgh slot license location question and Iraq troop rotation work, but I have definately outsourced my thinking on economic development thinking to several excellent local blogs such as the Angry Drunk Bureaucrat and AntiRust, as well as the blog of my buddy, the Gross Report
My Dem political preferences have stayed fairly stable also:
I am enthusiastically supporting Howard Dean because he offers a different vision of America, but this vision is not dramatically different than the visions being offered by John Kerry, John Edwards, Richard Gephardt, Wesley Clark, and Bob Graham. If any of these candidates were to be the Democratic nominee for president, I would continue my reasonably active efforts, time and money, to help them get elected. If the nominee was to be Joe Lieberman, I would definitely vote for him and probably pound the pavement, but donate no money. Kucinich, Braun, and Sharpton have no chance of winnig a single primary,


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