Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I vote for clean government

This may be a shock to everyone who reads this site, but I have been known to vote for a couple of Republicans here and there. One such vote was for Herb Ohliger for Allegheny County Sheriff. I did not vote for him because I believe in his crime fighting positions (I am really not sure what they are) or because I want to reward the county GOP with some prime patronage positions. It is simply because I believe that Sheriff DeFazio is corrupt as hell and someone else in office would at least minimize the amount of corruption possible in the short term due to the need to learn how to effectively game the system.

The first string of this ball of corruption has started to come undone. The feds have indicted DeFazio's #2, Dennis Skosnik for bribery and abuse of power fixes. From the few sources that I have, I am hearing that there are several more indictments waiting to happen and that the big remaining question right now is whether or not to indict DeFazio.

The Democratic Party if it wants to run as a reformist party needs to police our own. If they don't they are going to lose voters less reliably Democratic than myeslf on the basis of a "pox on both houses" logic.

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