Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Cats behaving like dogs

I have to get some things done, so the post that got bloggered last night will have to wait until later today to be rewritten. In the meantime, some quick thoughts.
  1. I hate blogger when it says it is publishing my post, and then the post in question disappears.
  2. My two cats are getting along much better.
  3. My older cat is confused by our kitten, as she swears that she is living with a puppy. She wonders why this kitten is confused, as every good cat knows the following:

a) Cats should not chase every shiny item possible. Our kitten believes a dust speck is a wonderful toy to chase and pounce upon.

b) Water is not our friend. Our kitten tries to get into the shower with me every morning.

c) Stillness is a virtue. Our kitten is starting to get the concept of "lap time" but has trouble staying still for more than 6.34 seconds.

d) The sun is our friend. Lying out in the sun during the middle of the day is the penultimate goal of every cat. Slow down and sleep while the humans are busy is a good idea.

4) Senator Spector needs to get a better focus for his efforts than supporting Terrell Owens --- this is not an anti-trust or labor issue, as the suspension process was legally adjudicated by an approved arbitrator.

5) Senators Clinton and Lieberman need to get a better focus for their efforts than to restrict video game purchases. Video games are not the downfall of America or an opiate for the disenchanted youth --- just look at the crime stats since the original NES and Sega systems came online --- hint --- long downward trend. (thanks to Steve Gilliard for the pointer)

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