Friday, October 28, 2005

Quick Libby Indictment Thoughts

So I have a problem as I admitted in the previous post, and I want streaming audio of the 2:00pm Fitzgerald press conference. Not going to happen as I have to do stuff today, but still, I look forward for the nuggets that will be coming forward.

I saw a couple of interesting things in the past two hours:

  • According to CBS News, a new grand jury will be empaneled either this afternoon or Monday morning.
  • The Undersecratary referred to is most likely Ambassador Bolton --- and if so (high probability is my guess), the neo-cons will be officially and fully discredited within the foreign policy debates of the Bush administration, so we should expect to see far less sabre rattling against Syria over the next couple of years.
  • I agree with Stirling Newberry at BopNews that Fitzgerald is chasing Rove hard, for if there was a deal, why not announce it this afternoon or at least issue sealed indictments in return for future sentencing guideline level reduction recommendations. I think that this is the first step in Fitzgerald working his way up the chain --- remember, Gov. Ryan of Illinois was the ultimate target of Fitzgerald's last public intergrity investigation and he was indictment #66.
  • I agree with Maria at Two Political Junkies that "They need to indicted. There needs to be trials. There desperately needs to be the full sunshine of public exposure to their high crimes and misdemeanors."
  • Furrow is in fine form and you should read all of his output today (and most other days when he does publish)
  • The entire VP staff is involved in this at some point. The new chief of staff for Cheney, David Addington, was until this morning, his chief counsel. Mr. Addington is mentioned in the indictment on p. 7, paragraph 18. Looks like Addington is in the clear on first blush here as the query was informational and bureaucratic infrastructure on first glance.
  • P. 7 Paragraph 17 has Libby leaking to Judith Miller Plame's identity as a CIA employee. P. 8 Paragraph 22 has Official A (Rove?) leaking to Novak, Paragraph 23, has Libby leaking same information to Cooper. So Libby is one of the two officials on the phone the entire time --- thus potentially pulling Fleischer out of the spotlight.
  • And now it is time to listen to the news conference, streaming video on CBS News!!!

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