Thursday, October 06, 2005

Leaky National Security Apparatus

I may be a little young, but I am trying to recall, and failing, if the Clinton White House was anywhere as free with national security information dissemination by people who either worked in the White House or were political appointees.

  • We got Larry Franklin passing information to AIPAC
  • A spy for the Phillipines who worked in Dick Cheney's office for three years
  • And then we have the Plame case, with rumors of a very large round of indictments within the next couple of weeks.

I can understand seeing any administation suffering at least one good sized spy scandal when that spy is drawn from the career civil service or low level political affairs roll and when that inidividual works outside of the extremely intense scrutiny that White House workers undergo. However it seems to me that the Bush White House is a leaky place.... must be that hard core professional management we have heard so much about.

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