Wednesday, June 29, 2005

June Recruiting News

The LA Times is reporting that the Army actually met its recruiting objective without any hanky panky.

"The Army's goal for its active-duty force June was 5,650 recruits; so far, more than 6,150 signed up, the officials said, citing preliminary statistics from recruiting stations.....The June target was not lowered, officials said."

Yet this is supposed to be the start of the summer surge where all the shortfalls (roughly 7,800 or 10% for the year to end goal) will be made up, but the goal for the month was less than the goal in May. So the Army has one good month in the last six at 110% --- if the same type of result comes in for July and August then my worries about manpower crimps become much less well-founded.

UPDATE VIA WosItGood4 is the following excerpt from USA Today

" The June 2005 goal was more than 1,000 recruits lower than the June 2004 goal."

Also stealing straight from commenter Arcane at the same site:

Look at this DoD page that has the numbers for Oct 1 2004 - May 31 2005.

Says for Army,
Actual = 40964
Target = 49285

If June is
Actual = 6150
Target = 5650

Then Year To Date is
Actual = 47114
Target = 54935

But they're still promising to get to 80,000 by end of year, which is Sept. 30.

So, their target level has to be 8,355 per month for the remaining 3 months and to hit that plus make up for the shortfall, it does come to the 11,000 per month figure (10962 to be more precise).

So I am still processing --- but it is looking more like the Army finangled the numbers at some point for this year the Army was looking to recruit more people than they did last year, but the June goal is significantly shorter despite this supposed to be the start of the summer surge.

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