Friday, April 01, 2005

Puff and Cringe

This week, UPC members were asked to identify the one post that they were most proud of, and the one post that they wish they could delete and purge forever. Both posts must have been written in the past year. I am pretty happy with my work. My writing still needs to improve, and I should realize that spell checker is my friend. I don't think I have too many posts that are cringeworthy.

I would have to nominate for worst post "Two Days Out and Optimistic as I was projecting the undecideds to break for Kerry and spent some serious time headscratching about the Hawaii trip for Cheney. Whoops -- I called the election wrong --- there goes some of my (extraordinarily minimal) political prognosticating credibility. Well, most of the month of October is like that.

I have two posts that I really like in the past year. The first one is definately not about me, but more a shout out to some of my great commenters as there were 19 insightful, and inciteful comments concerning the propensity of parts of the party to live on the Siter Soulijah moment. Therefore Casey In which started as a quick info post that ran for 200 words sparked one of the best sets of reasoned and impassioned arguments that I have had at my blog. I thank all the participants.

The second post is a Social Security post from October that has informed my thinking on privatization for a long time. Why I am against significant Social Security Privatization outlines what I see as the inconsistencies, risks, and flaws of any privatization plan that is truly private. I have a good lay read on Social Security issues (thanks to a couple of profs and projects) and this post forced me to put my philosophy and pragmatism on paper. Everything that I write about on Social Security since then has been infused with the essence of the initial post.

However, the value of a blog is in its discussions and community building, unless a particular blog is a television screen saver as it acts as a remote control throwing diversion project. Therefore, I am most proud of the Casey In post despite the fact that I wrote under 10% of the word count.

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