Thursday, February 17, 2005

Wish I could go

Stealing directly from Eric Umansky who is grabbing it from the WaPo is an event that I wish I could go to next week:

Message-control Alert: George Tenet, who retired as CIA director amid controversy over intelligence failures, and outspoken former treasury secretary Paul O'Neill, who was shown the door by the Bush White House, will share a stage next week in Pittsburgh at a fundraiser for Gilda's Club, the cancer patient support charity named for late comedienne Gilda Radner. A PR release yesterday promised "a rare insider's view of presidential decision-making." And perhaps it will even be a candid discussion: The moderator is author Ron Suskind.

Anyone want to hit the tip jar to so I can be a high fallutting Icky Sewickley for the night.

Just joking

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