Friday, February 11, 2005

Dispersing Talent

The current NFL is designed to make it extraordinarily difficult for a team to do what the Patriots have done. There are too many forces that pull successful teams and management players apart. Management tends to have more stability than players if a team is moderately successful but great success will let the assistants, coordinators and other critical but not top level personel get promotions from other organizations. That is what is happening with Charlie Weiss going to Notre Dame, Romeo Crennel going to Cleveland, and Eric Mangini (the secondary coach) shopping himself around. It is to be expected.

Now what is not to be expected, is for a football organization to lose some of its management to the Harvard School of Business but the Patriots' COO will be a new lecturer there. I can see the life experience and case study potential of running an extraordinarily successful sports franchise with its frequent negoatiations, public policy implications and marketing components as a valuable and tangible experience for a bunch of MBAs, it is just an unusual event.

And I am also surprised that this has not happened with at least a couple of Steeler's management people teaching or at least adjuncting at GSIA or Katz in Pittsburgh. To me, this would have been a Pittsburgh style move.

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