Monday, November 15, 2004

Snowballs in the Desert

One of the prime political and geopolitical assumptions that the Republican Party has been making for the past five years is that people like to go with the winners (see Bush in California in 2000, see "fuck the French, they'll come back for the oil" in Feb. 2003) so efforts made to secure acquiesance before the fact of a victory is a waste of time and a diversion of resources from more pressing priorities. Sometimes it works, sometimes it fails, and when it fails, it fails miserably. One of the articles of faith on the more of the same side in Iraq is that after Bush's re-election, everyone else would have to contribute forces or money or political influence to pulling the US's nuts out of the fire because they need to get on the US's good side.

Well, we are not seeing that. We are seeing some nice words from NATO, but no troops. Hungary has not extended its mandate, Poland is cutting its troop levels and France and Germany are unwilling to send troops under any circumstances. They are also wiping their hands clean of Iran (if you believe that Iran will not enrich uranium or look to acquire plutonium, I have a bridge to sell you). Snowballs are rolling allright, but away from the US.

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